Our company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise again

Time:2021-06-07 10:06:44 Source:本站

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, the State Administration of Taxation Shanghai City tax bureau expert identified our company as a high-tech enterprise again. This is a sign of our progress in technology, also a high recognition on our scientific and technological innovation.

We pay attention to scientific and technological research and development and is committed to the achievement of transformation and promotion of application.  Focusing on theory and field practice, we obtained a number of technical patents.

Without the active promotion of technical and financial departments, and cooperation of relevant teams, this award cannot be obtained. The identification of "National High-tech Enterprise" is the recognition of our scientific R&D and technical ability, we will further improve the company's corporate image, brand Image, core competitiveness.

In the future, our company will continue to follow the professional oriented research and development concept, continue to increase investment in research and development and the introduction of high-end talent, thus to increase the sustainability of enterprise innovation and development. We will further strengthen the company's technological innovation ability and the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, which will strongly support for the sustained and rapid development of enterprises and make positive contributions to high-quality economic development.